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The International Committee of Human Rights in Geneva counting 1089 dead in Syria in four months ... 

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The Office of the Middle East Commissioner for the International Commission on Human Rights and its advisers to the United Nations Affairs in Geneva, Ambassador Dr. Haitham Abu Said, told the International News Agency for Human Rights that during the eight years mentioned by the High Commissioner Michel Bacholet about the failure of the dialogue between the Syrian authority and the opposition is a reality. This is due to numerous external interventions by countries directly involved in the conflict.Ambassador Abu Said noted that there is great concern about the fighting that has been going on for months in Idlib and the escalation of hostilities, which led to the death of one thousand eighty-nine people 1089 civilians, including five hundred and seventy-two men (572) and two hundred and thirteen women (213) and three hundred Four children (304) and 51 medical facilities were also assaulted.

Ambassador Abu Said concluded that it is now required to stop the shameful acts against humanity and to formally request by the High Commission for Human Rights to all countries involved in the Syrian arena to stop and withdraw all its elements without delay or time to stop the waterfall of the armed groups and restore sovereignty. To all Syrian territory, so that all violations that have occurred since the beginning of the events will be cleared and also include the accountability of the countries that have been immersed in the Syrian quagmire and caused serious damage to the people and the reason for their displacement and exploitation of ugly and shameless. 

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