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What is a Chemical Weapon? 

The definition of a chemical weapon is detailed in the Chemical Weapons Convention. A chemical weapon is a chemical used to cause intentional death or harm through its toxic properties. Munitions, devices and other equipment specifically designed to weaponise toxic chemicals also fall under the definition of chemical weapons.

Eliminating Chemical Weapons 

The world has agreed that chemical weapons have no place in today’s arsenals. The OPCW, together with its Member States, are committed to the complete elimination of chemical weapons stockpiles under the watchful eye of the OPCW’s verification regime.

Preventing the Re-emergence of Chemical Weapons 

Chemical weapons may re-emerge in a number of ways: through state-sponsored programmes, through the actions of terrorist or other criminal groups, or through lone individuals. Chemical weapons may be produced by repurposing existing chemical facilities or they may be made on a smaller scale in purpose-built laboratories or even domestic settings. The OPCW works in a variety of ways to prevent these scenarios from happening.

Supporting National Implementation of the Convention 

National measures to implement the provisions of the Chemical Weapons Convention are essential to building an effective verification regime. These measures also help to build trust that toxic chemicals are only used for peaceful purposes.

Promoting Peaceful Uses of Chemistry through International Cooperation 

The promotion of free trade in chemicals and the open exchange of information and knowledge about the peaceful applications of chemistry is an important part of the Chemical Weapons Convention. These activities are meant to help strengthen the economic and technological development of States Parties.

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