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Legna Perez-Cordon speaks about the Sustainable Development Goals at UNA-USA Puerto Rico

By Veronica Dulin, GenUN Fellow

 Saturday, October 24th was the 70th anniversary of the founding of the United Nations. Across the nation, GenUN members took time out of their weekends to celebrate the UN and educate members of their campus community. This year we are proud to highlight some of the most creative and inspiring actions taken by our college chapters.Michigan State UniversityThe team at MSU was especially creative in their celebration of UN Day. They spray-painted the 70th Anniversary logo on a campus rock and set up their information table there. The rock drew a lot of attention, and they were able to pass out GenUN information and memorabilia, educate passersby about the UN’s accomplishments, and highlight their own achievements as a GenUN Chapter.12049530_10207272974679204_1607599467911827758_n.jpg12187837_1643922015876718_6968156576276582166_n.jpgFind MSU on their website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. University of Central FloridaDonya Nasser, the U.S. Youth Observer to the U.N., visited the UCF campus in Orlando, Florida for UN Day. She moderated an hour and a half long discussion on international issues, specifically including gender equality in the Middle East. She also supplied the students with the wisdom and lessons learned that she's acquired not only from her observer position, but also her many other notable accomplishments. By the end of the event, the students had gained a lot of knowledge that will help their organization, as well as their careers. The visit was a truly unique and exceptional event that bound the UN and this local chapter together.donya_nasser.jpgFind UCF on their website and Twitter. Central Michigan UniversityUNA at Central University celebrated the UN’s founding in a variety of ways. In order to educate their peers, the group set up a table in the library, decked it out in GenUN materials, and created a board describing all of the Sustainable Development Goals. They stopped students in the hallway and gave them the scoop on the United Nations, its successes over the past 70 years, and told them about the new Global Goals agenda. 

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