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Multi-skilled South Korean peacekeepers offered citizens (two- and four-legged) of Anyidi, Jonglei, medical and veterinary services and a tad of traditional drumming.

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Residents of Anyidi in the Jonglei region have applauded the South Korean contingent serving with the United Nations Mission in South Sudan for providing them with a medical services during a recent visit to the town. “It is the first time that we have had a medical team visit and treat us since the breakout of the war in 2013,” one resident commented. The health intervention of the peacekeeping mission reached more than 200 people and about 100 goats in the community. Speaking through an interpreter, fellow Anyidi dweller Beer Anyang was pleased with the unexpected visit. “I am happy they are here today. My knees have been hurting for several months now. Today they have examined it and provided me with some treatment. I wish to see such a team here more often.” Another woman, Kuel Agock, said she has had to travel once to the hospital in Bor some years back. “But since then, I, like others, have not been able to access healthcare. I have seen some government officials coming here, but nothing like this. I am excited that we have the doctors here, providing us with medication.” The visiting health care professionals detected and treated a wide variety of medical conditions, including fevers, skin diseases, coughs and throat infections. As veterinaries were part of the travelling company, local goats could also be vaccinated and given other assistance. Thon Maluk, a youth resident, wanted to make sure that the good people of Anyidi made the most of the rare services and called those still in their homes to come out and enjoy their good fortune. “I am excited, they [the doctors] have come at a very good time. Because of the conflict situation and subsequent lack of security, we lack such facilities where we live.” With peace within reach, county commissioner Macher Geu is confident of a better future for Anyidi. “Slowly, peace has returned, and with the relative security here, despite the skirmishes in the Jonglei state, this community is becoming a haven, Mr. Geu said, adding that the ongoing maintenance of the Bor-Pibor road will give Anyidi, a town situated along it, an additional socioeconomic boost and increase interactions between people living in the area. The road is about to be repaired by the UN peacekeeping mission. Once in good condition, the travel time to Bor will be approximately 45 minutes, about half the time such a trip currently takes.

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