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#Letters: Who's really to blame for Africa's misery? 

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EFF leader Julius Malema has realised he is losing ground in his political aspirations so he, as usual, is playing the race card. His only contribution to the country has been hate speech, chaos, mayhem and racial division. His racist rants against whites and Indians no longer have any impact, except in the media. His knowledge of politics and history is scanty to say the least. It is the same old threats and intimidation , with no result. The EFF’s political cupboard is bare.

As more white people leave South Africa and Africa, whites outside Africa as well as Western governments will care even less about what happens on the continent. Strange that millions of Africans are risking their lives to migrate to Western (white) countries because of the economic and social catastrophes in their own countries. Does this not say something? Overseas donations to Africa reach only a minute part of the desperate; the rest goes into the pockets of greedy and corrupt rulers and their cadres. “It was recently estimated that £95billion was illegally removed from the continent by national rulers since the departure of colonial powers.” Phillip Bobbitt of the Shield of Achilles, sees only misery before Africa in the 21st century as “disease, famine and corruption prospers and economies collapse”. No society can prosper amid wholesale fraud and corruption. Whites, apartheid and colonialism have nothing to do with Africa’s demise. Africa is sinking into the swamp of history as greed and massive corruption continue.

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