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Ryan Wilson of HRC wrote Amb. Bou-Said on Florida`s Legislative Session 

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Amb Dr. Haissam Bou-Said received a letter from the Human Rights Campaign Associate Regional Field Director  Mr. Ryan Wilson informing him that  last month, the Florida legislative session adjourned, and we are grateful for those of you who made your voices heard in Tallahassee this year. 

HRC was proud to work alongside Equality Florida throughout the session as we mobilized HRC’s members and supporters across the state to oppose HB 3 - a sweeping preemption bill that would have reversed decades of progress towards LGBTQ rights in Florida. 

Moreover Mr. Wilson  asked Amb. Bou-Said to take more action by contacting elected officials and joining us at Equality Florida lobby days in Tallahassee. Wilson Thanked the efforts of Amb. Bou-Said, the legislation was amended to eliminate threats to LQBTQ equality and non-discrimination protections that currently cover nearly 13 million Floridians are still in place today. 

Mr. Wilson added that he’s also celebrating the work of pro-equality champions in the legislature who were able to secure $500,000 in the state budget for a Pulse memorial to honor those lost in the Orlando massacre.

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