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Minister Sharaf El-Din presented with the British Special Envoy to Syria the file of the return of the displaced

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The Minister of the Displaced in the caretaker government, Dr. Issam Sharaf El-Din, received the British Special Envoy to Syria Jonathan Hargreaves, accompanied by the Deputy British Mission to Lebanon, Ms. Alison Obi, in the presence of the Advisor to the Minister of the Displaced for Human Rights Affairs, Dr. Haitham Abu Said.

Minister Sharaf El-Din explained, "The existing work and arrangements in the issue of the voluntary and safe return of displaced Syrians to safe areas and to shelters within the governorates to which they belong, after prior coordination with the Syrian authorities, for two out of three categories, provided that political refugees are secured to a third country and be responsibility of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

He also stressed, "The need to adopt the humanitarian aspect outside the internationally approved political alignment in this sensitive file, due to the Lebanese state's keenness on the safety of the displaced returning to their country."

For his part, Envoy Hargreaves and Deputy Mission Director Obi affirmed their "gratitude to hear that the project for the return of the displaced falls within international laws."

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