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ME Commissioner of the International Commission on Human Rights sends a report to Secretary-General Guterres and High Commissioner Bachelet on Syria and Yemen. 

Editing Office - GENEVA 

Middle East Commissioner for the International Commission of the Human Rights (Geneva Office) and the President of the International Human Rights News Agency, Ambassador Haitham Abu Said, presented the High Commissioner for the Human Rights Council, Michel Bachelet, on human rights issues in the Arab countries, especially in Syria and Yemen. 

The statement added that the return of violence as a result of the insistence of some countries involved in the Syrian and Yemeni quagmire as part of military action, which re-floated armed groups and delayed the return of inhuman scenes in the villages in which they are in addition to the exploitation of displaced persons camps in the camps "Rkban" and "Hool" And the fear of insisting on shedding more innocent blood of innocent women and children in political and military conflicts. He added that the camps implicitly active places of training for elements meet the thought and the direction of Daash, especially after the emergence of the head of the organization, "Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi," in which Ambassador Abu Saeed warned in a press statement on April 28, 2017 of this step and that he is in camps under the control of the US and the Israeli Mossad . Ambassador Abu Saeed confirmed that the committee received accurate information about the possession of the arms opposition in the north, which was smuggled from the Syrian-Turkish border, which includes the Kornet missiles (6 kilos), Vagot Tao, Chinese air missiles, and a large number of light and medium weapons.

The statement of the Commissioner`s Office Abu Said told the International News Agency for Human Rights that the Arab countries concerned to bear the moral and religious responsibility towards what is happening in Yemen, praising the step "Huthi" in Hodeidah to Withdrawal from three ports in Hodeidah, west of Yemen, within four days, pursuant to the UN agreement agreed upon by all the Hodeidah parties in December 2018, including the Arab coalition led by Saudi Arabia.

The statement also concluded raising the theories that call into question this step, as the humanitarian situation no longer bears any negative statement, but looks forward to the steps announced and deal with them in a positive and transparent. 

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