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Join the global call to stop arms transfers to the Saudi and UAE-led coalition. 


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It's time to call for an end to weapons transfers used to fuel the crisis in Yemen.

Executions and torture; the crackdown on activists, journalists and academics; the murder of a dissident journalist in a consulate abroad; the escalating humanitarian crisis in Yemen. 

These are just some of the abuses that the Saudi authorities are trying to distract us from with expensive public relations campaigns.Despite this, the conflict in Yemen has proven difficult to ignore - the world has been shocked by images of civilians killed and maimed; Yemenis who are starving; of schools, hospitals, markets destroyed by bombs with ‘made in the USA’ and ‘made in the UK’ inscribed.We need to stop the flow of arms that are fueling these human rights violations in Yemen.Countries - including Germany, the Netherlands and Norway - have started to restrict weapons sales to the Saudi and UAE-led coalition. But other countries, including the USA, UK, Spain, and Canada, are still supplying weapons. 

 We can put pressure on countries to stop the transfers, reduce violations and civilian suffering, and drive home the message to the coalition that continued violations will not be tolerated.

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