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International Human Rights Commission: US military buries nuclear waste at Taji military base 

The International Commission on Human Rights that the events in the city of Basra failed to all government organs in all the accumulated crises, especially and all the cities of Iraq in general.And excessive use of force against protesters held the scene in the city where there is no legal justification or constitutional justification for the use of force against demonstrators who demand the rights of his project and peaceful ways in accordance with the right guaranteed by the Constitution and the law.In a communication with the Middle East Commissioner of the ICRC, Ambassador Haitham Abu Saeed, Haidar al-Shara expressed deep concern about the deterioration of the humanitarian situation in the city of Basra and the increase in government violence against demonstrators.In a dangerous precedent, the ICRC's field sources confirmed that large numbers of US troops had landed at the Taji military base and buried nuclear radioactive waste, which would have negative effects on the environment, the most important of which is the spread of certain diseases, especially cancer, in violation of Iraq's sovereignty and in violation of international laws and customs.The International Committee on Human Rights also called on the government authorities not to harass demonstrators and to deal with them according to legal mechanisms and in accordance with the principles of human rights and in accordance with the public interest that requires it, and not politicize the demonstrations warning of the oppressors and seize opportunities to hunt in troubled water. 

Адвокат, оказываю высококвалифицированную юридическую помощь в соответствии с законами. За многолетний опыт работы выработал свой, уникальный подход к работе с клиентами.


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