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Based on the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's)on Education reflected in position 4, the Africa Region HQ and the MENA offices Secretariat of the International Human Rights Commission (IHRC) have announced a new cooperation agreement to foster long-term educational experiences with the attaining of Executive Certificates, Advanced Diploma and Bachelor's Degree to enhance career development in diplomacy and international relations disciplines which shall further develop sharing of information on the SDG's. 

The agreement, in the form of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), between the Human Rights Education Federation of the IHRC and the NgEducators Limited Centre for International Studies, formalises the mutual interaction and strengthens the existing relationship between the IHRC and the various Foundations of the UN promoting the SDG's at the strategic and working level, focusing on the development of educational standards. 

The interaction between IHRC and the UN Frameworks and the manner in which they are applied in practice will now be executed by the institutions in this MOU namely the Human Rights Education Federation and the NgEducators Limited.This agreement has been become desirable because the Human Rights Education Federation is in the process of staging a 2 weeks long e-learning educational programme for the award of the Advanced Diploma in Child Care and Wellness by evolving studies on primary global standards set for pregnancy preconception education and updated regulations for the wellness of the unborn child. 

At the end of the Programme, a Memorial Lecture will be organized in honour of the late First Lady of Nigeria, Chief Mrs. Stella Obasanjo which will witness interactions on nurses supervisory roles before, during and after childbirth. The MOU mandates the two bodies to strengthen the SDG's no 4 through ways and means by which the provision of quality tertiary qualifications will be achieved.The IHRC, through its standard-setting Educational Institutions designs and develops curriculum for higher certificates that are recognized around the world. While the NgEducators Limited is an online school fostering the very best features of quality e-learning to schools wherever they are located without congregating the students together in one location. The two bodies therefore have a shared objective of serving the public interest. This MoU provides for continued strengthening of future cooperation between the two bodies in achieving common goals that will increase knowledge of the SDG's in pre-recorded lessons. 

The agreement has been endorsed by the IHRC's Special Permanent Representative Envoy to the UNOG, Amb. Dr. Haissam Bou-Said who has enjoined the IHRC Africa Region HQ to help steer and achieve high levels following this adoption of the MOU by his office.

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