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European Department (DESI) Secretary General:US President TRUMP to create more problem on NATO and Germany

The Secretary General of the  European  Department for Security and Information Amb. Dr. Haissam Bou-Said declared in an internal Communique that a two day NATO Summit meetings might ensure more pull back on various sensitive issues with the US as long as President Trump is accusing Germany and pressuring her on he Financial investment with Russia. Amb. Bou-Said Hope to settle all debates especially the Middle East affairs as well the Ukrainian matter at the possible means that the inter legislation of NATO do permit. 

Адвокат, оказываю высококвалифицированную юридическую помощь в соответствии с законами. За многолетний опыт работы выработал свой, уникальный подход к работе с клиентами.


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