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After the Rain: a children's book on migrants and refugees 

Editing Office - Geneva 

Grey is an elephant who faces the consequences of overpopulation, famine and extreme weather conditions. Grey and his family are faced with a difficult decision to make: do they leave or do they stay? Leaving behind the only home they have ever known, Grey and his family cross borders, fearing the unknown. It is not easy to go and it proves to be an even harder experience than they had wished for. 

 "After the Rain" is the latest publication by the Perception Change Project. With sensibility and creativity, the book tells about a young elephant’s journey migrating to a different region, as a way to inform children of some of the struggles migrants and refugees face when relocating to a new country.Complementing the imaginative narrative, an informative description about human migration, aimed to the adults, allows parents to discuss the details of this global challenge with their children.

Адвокат, оказываю высококвалифицированную юридическую помощь в соответствии с законами. За многолетний опыт работы выработал свой, уникальный подход к работе с клиентами.


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