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A #Zerohunger World by 2030 is Possible 

On World Food Day we take action to shine a light on the global struggle against hunger, malnutrition, waste, and poverty. This day is an important opportunity to emphasize that hunger can be ended in our lifetimes, but we must all work together to achieve this goal. To celebrate WFD, we've partnered with 2018 Leadership Summit Keynote & Author, Hilary Corna. Watch this video to see why she feels passionate about getting involved and follow her on Instagram @HilaryCorna. Here are some staggering facts to consider: 

 Over 821 million (1 in 8) people are suffering from chronic hunger – most of these people are in developing countries. 1/3 of the food produced in the world for human consumption every year – approx. 1.3 billion tons is lost or wasted. Hunger kills more people every year than malaria, tuberculosis, and AIDS combined  

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