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2018 SDG Index and Dashboards Report 

The SDG Index and Dashboards describe countries’ progress towards achieving the SDGs and indicate areas requiring faster progress. The global SDG Index score and scores by goal can be interpreted as the percentage of achievement. The difference between 100 and countries’ scores is therefore the distance in percentage that needs to be completed to achieving the SDGs and goals. The same basket of indicators is used for all countries to generate comparable scores and rankings. It should be noted that differences in rankings may be due to small differences in the aggregate score.2018 SDG Index Interactive DashboardsThe SDG Dashboards provide a visual representation of countries’ performance by SDGs to identify priorities for action. The “traffic light” color scheme (green, yellow, orange and red) illustrates how far a country is from achieving a particular goal. As in previous years, the Dashboards and country profiles for OECD countries include additional metrics that are not available for non-OECD member countries. For the first time we present SDG Trend Dashboards that indicate whether a country is on track to achieve a particular goal by 2030.

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